Stonewall Kitchen Candles

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  • Crafted with a luxurious soy blend for a beautifully creamy appearance and excellent fragrance throw
  • Hand-trimmed, lead-free wicks provide a clean, long-lasting burn
  • Bowl is 3.8''L 3.8''W 6.75''H and provides up to 50 hours of fragrance release

Shoreline - This stirring fragrance brings the rocky coast of Maine to your living room. Oceanic notes mix with the light, crisp scents of jasmine, lilies and apples for a collection that’s every bit as restorative as a day at the beach. Inhale to experience the sensations of cool mist sprinkling your face, the sea breeze playing with your hair and the hot sun dancing across your skin.

Fresh Linen - Breathe in the uplifting scent of sun-kissed linens plucked straight from the clothesline in our Fresh Linen Candle. Mixing soft notes of cotton with the delicate, sweet bouquet of garden-fresh flowers, this laundry scented candle delights with a light, clean aroma. Skip laundry day and enjoy a Fresh Linen Candle instead!

Honey Vanilla - Busy bees will love to unwind by the soft glow of a sumptuous honey vanilla candle. Featuring floral notes of wildflower honey accented by coconut milk, this creamy vanilla fragrance is wonderfully sweet, rich and layered. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere by adding one of these wildflower honey and vanilla candles to any room in your home.

Cashmere - Envelop yourself in the comforting fragrance of this cozy cashmere candle. Like your favorite sweater, our Cashmere Candle is warm and inviting, weaving together scents of sheer leather and pure mineral water with citrusy notes from Amalfi lemons and bergamot oranges. Lush yet grounding, these luxurious candles instantly elevate any space.

 Tarragon and Basil - Thanks to this refreshing fragrance, you no longer need a green thumb to enjoy the invigorating scent of an herb garden. Notes of sweet tarragon and spicy basil intermingle with crisp mint while warm cedar wood adds earthy undertones. Evocative of springtime, these candles will enliven your kitchen and home.