Live Your Dreams Devotion

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Are you feeling stuck? Unsure of what dreams God has for your life? Or maybe you know the dreams He's given you but are fearful of moving toward them? Take a journey to live out your dreams like never before--and discover that they are more beautiful than you could have imagined.

With 75 inspirational readings combined with thought-provoking lists and questions, rich prayers, and space for reflection, Live Your Dreams offers unique motivation for discovering and relishing the life God has for you.

Beautifully interactive and practical, Live Your Dreams with a gentle, authentic voice:

  • gives you the space you long for to prayerfully discover your personal passions
  • invites you to explore, understand, and pursue your most heartfelt goals in life
  • helps you process past regrets and broken dreams and then move forward into God's abundant grace and hope.

We each need the time and space to name our dreams and take the next step in pursuing them. Live Your Dreamshelps you seek God to discover the dreams He has given you and realize that the pursuit of Him is what brings those dreams to life.