Drink Infusion Blends

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Cinnamon Cider Punch: If sweater-weather had a flavor, this would be it! Gentle notes of cinnamon spice complemented by the golden warming flavors of apple and orange, accented by a hint of ginger. With recipe variations for hot and cold versions of this cocktail, it's great year-round - sweater or not!

 Firecracker Margarita: Light the fuse and stand back! Don't worry, the chili heat in this gourmet infusion won't explode, but with its subtle mix of salty Sencha, tangy citrus, and carefully constructed spiciness, this is one margarita that will go off with a BANG!

 Pumpkin Spice Margarita: Imagine sipping your favorite Margarita. You probably pictured a beach somewhere warm. What if we told you that Margarita could feel just as right when the weather gets chilly? This subtle mix of confectionery spices does the trick - making your summer favorite an all-season sensation!

Orchard Mule: When the cold weather sets in, things can feel a bit heavier. The food is richer, the sky is darker, and every once in a while it's nice to lighten things up. The Orchard Mule is a welcome breath of fresh air with its combination of clarifying ginger, fresh lemon, and crisp apple. Nice and cool!

 Marrakech Lemonade: Rich cacao and cardamom support aromatic floral notes of rose and hibiscus redolent of the ancient Silk Road. A simple combination of infused gin with lemonade (either built or bought) makes for a cocktail with a layer of old-world sophistication.

 Sun Coast Cooler: Österlen on the shores of southern Sweden draws throngs of city-weary visitors to its summer farm stands and café gardens when the sun is high and the weather is warm. This subtle blend of warming cinnamon, mellow whiskey, and refreshing apple perfectly captures the spirit of Scandinavian summer.

 Island Mule: If a minty Mojito and a gingery Moscow Mule joined forces, this is what you'd get. An inventive mash-up that combines gourmet mint with the rich sweetness of rum, the quirky tanginess of lime, and the peppery kick of ginger. A great drink that will keep your glass on island time all year long!

Nutcracker Sour: Based on the classic New York Sour, the seasonal spice and citrus of our Mulled Red blend add a subtle lift to the whiskey that anchors this cocktail.Finished off with a dram of red wine poured over the back of a spoon to create the showpiece layering effect. This one looks and tastes great for the holidays!

 Baja Margarita: Lime + tequila + agave = a magic combination, no doubt. Our 1pt Lime Infusion adds additional depth and complexity with notes of rounding Lemongrass, botanical Rosehip and Mt Olympus Flower, paying homage to the original invented in Baja, CA in the 1930s.

Perfect Pom: Rich yet refreshing. A perfectly balanced cocktail with the just the right amount of luxurious, infused vanilla-based spice on the one hand, and just enough pomegranate and lime tartness on the other. With all the rich food and drink on offer during the festive season, it's nice to have a dependable go-to.

 Spicy Paloma: An afternoon refreshment from the Mexican Yucatan, typically mixed using cane sugar grapefruit soda which provides all the sweetness you could want. Our Chili infusion bolsters the tequila with the right amount of spice and rounds out this classic combination of sweet, salt, heat, and citrus.

Bootleg Old Fashioned: A throwback to the rumrunner days of the Prohibition-era. A quick drink on the docks while the contraband was loading, then the sprint through the Straights of Florida back to the Keys and into the waiting trucks for the run north. What was in that dockside drink? Only what counts.

 Spiced Orange Margarita: Finally, a proper update to the Margarita that enjoys a snowy winter's day as much as the sunshine of Cinco de Mayo! Infused cinnamon adds depth and clarity to fresh orange juice that complements the usual tequila, lime, and agave. Perfect for Fall/Winter but don't blame us if you're still sipping it in May!